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Rodeo Clowns

September 1, 2010

Third grade students enjoyed creating rodeo clowns to kick off the school year.  It’s another one of those no fail activities and it also generates a lot of laughter.  I had many samples and pictures on the board of clowns.  We talked about the characteristics of clowns and what they liked about different ones.  I demonstrated how to draw a basic large circle on a 9 x 12 piece of paper.  We then drew a smaller circle in the middle for the nose so it looked like a donut.  From there, I drew the facial features.  Show how to draw crazy hair and add features like silly hats, clothing and background.  One basic rule…..NO PENCIL ALLOWED!  Students were given a black crayon to draw their design, any mess ups had to be incorporated into their design.  I had them draw a clown on one side and then a totally different one on the back and choose their best one.  The next session, students used oil pastel to add color to their pictures.  Demonstrate how to press hard to bring out beautiful bright color.  We covered the entire page, even the background. When finished, they outlined with a black oil pastel.  Students have gotten rave reviews over these adorable clowns.

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