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Monet Water Lilies

September 7, 2010

After introducing Claude Monet, I showed pictures of his paintings from nature.  I brought real dried lily pads and we looked at pictures of water lilies.  Students used a 9 x 12 piece of white paper and 5 oil pastels (light green, dark green, light blue, dark blue, white).  I demonstrated how to turn the pastel on its side to make wavy lines across paper, left to right.  Use all the colors.  Next, students used a blue and a green wash to cover their paper.  I encouraged them to keep these two colors separate.  Each table of students was given a box with precut lily pads and squares of brightly colored tissue paper.  Demonstrate how to place dots of glue around the paper and place a lily pad on each dot.  Encourage overlapping.  Place dots of glue on each lily pad to add tissue paper that has been wrapped around eraser end of pencil.  Layer each flower with several pieces of tissue.  For a splash of white, dip a toothbrush in watered down tempera paint and spray the picture with white dots.  These truly turned out beautiful.

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