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Cadillac Ranch

September 22, 2010

Cadillac Ranch is a famous landmark in our city of Amarillo, Texas and I chose to incorporate this tourist attraction into a study on value.  After a brief history of Cadillac Ranch, students were given a 12 x 18 piece of white paper and a palette of white, blue and black paint.  In the sky, students painted a white circle about the size of a quarter.  They then added a small touch of blue to the white to make a tint and they painted around the white circle. They continued adding more blue to make deeper shades of blue, painting around each circle.  To make the dark night sky, they added a bit of black to the blue paint.  Some chose to make stars by flicking white paint onto their sky background.  Next, artists were given a 3 x 18 piece of brown construction paper.  They used earth colored crayons to add details to the ground.  They rounded the top edge of the ground and glued the ground to the sky, but left the top edge unglued and open for the cadillacs in part 2.  Students were given 3 or 4 precut cadillacs.  Demonstrate how to use watercolor paint to add color to the cars.  Finish with markers, adding line designs and symbols.  It was helpful to brainstorm on the board. Place cars on paper and glue down.

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