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Festive Snowmen

December 12, 2010

This adorable group of snowmen was created by kindergarten and first grade students.  We started by reading the hilarious book What Snowmen Do At Night. We played “I Spy” with the illustrations, finding fun things in the pictures….(I spy  a snowman with a striped hat rolling on his belly…..I spy a snowman with a green and purple scarf who just got clobbered by a snowball, etc.)  We began our art activity by folding a 12 x 18″ piece of white paper in half so they had a “tall skinny building.”  I demonstrated how to draw one half of his body by drawing three humps from the top of the paper to the bottom, starting with a small hump for the head and ending with a larger hump for the body.  They cut on the line and opened the paper up to find a large snowman body…..This was our first exercise in symmetry and it brought great delight to the kids.  The next day, students used scraps of construction paper to add an orange triangle for the nose and a hat with a brim.  Our third day involved painting with tempera paint.  They were so excited to add colorful details to their snowmen and were especially tickled to use their fingers to add snowflakes to finish off their masterpieces.

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