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Value Design

February 7, 2011

Third graders love mixing and creating new colors with paint.  I introduced this value lesson, thanks to the blog  I was so happy to see the success from ALL students!  I introduced value as being the lightness and darkness of a color.  I showed them many examples of value in art prints.  They were given a 9″ square piece of white construction paper.  They used a 3″ x 9″ template to create a grid, which looked like a tic tac toe board.  They chose a plate which had three colors of paint on it…white, black and another color.  We used red, purple, green and blue.  I demonstrated how to take a small amount of our main color and mix it with white to create a tint.  They then added a type of line design to each of the nine squares.  This is a huge time saver…some kids tried to paint each square completely before moving on to another section but this strategy took too long.  After adding a tint to each square, I showed them how to create a shade by adding a small amount of black to the main color.  Then they added that color to each square.  We finished off with the main color.  Wow….a simple lesson but cool artwork to display!

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