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Van Gogh Sunflowers

March 3, 2011

Fourth graders rolled up their sleeves and dove into this messy but oh so amazing chalk project.  They were fascinated as they learned about Van Gogh’s life and observed many of his paintings.  I showed them several examples of Van Gogh’s sunflower pictures.  I also had great examples from sunflower calendars which were distributed to the tables.  We discussed details of sunflowers to include in our pictures.  Using white chalk, kids sketched a vase and added sunflowers on a 12×18 sheet of black construction paper.  The first task was to choose two colors of chalk to fill in our background.  This step really made their sunflower sketch stand out on their paper.  I demonstrated adding a variety of yellow, gold, orange, brown and red chalk to their sunflower petals.  They experimented blending the chalk colors and they were so happy with the results.  Once the black paper disappeared under the chalk color, they used a black oil pastel and outlined every part of their picture.  This lesson took several sessions but the results are outstanding.

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