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Swimmy by Leo Lionni

May 7, 2011

The book Swimmy by Leo Lionni is a great tool to introduce printing to students.  I used sponges from the dollar store and cut out fish shapes prior to the lesson.  We needed two sessions to complete this activity but I’m very very proud of the kindergarteners’ and first graders’ work.  On day one, we used oil pastel to add color to our ocean.  Then we used a brown and blue oil pastel to add color to a brown sheet of construction paper.  Next, they tore “rocks” from the brown paper.  They added dots of glue to their ocean floor and pressed their rocks to the paper.  In session two, students painted their sponges with two colors of paint.  They pressed them carefully onto their ocean picture.  After adding fish, they added a dot of black paint for the eyes.  Students used a piece of 3″ square poster board and dipped the edge into green, yellow and white paint and pressed it onto their picture to create seaweed.

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