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Celebrate America!

September 7, 2011

In remembrance of the tragedy that occurred on September 11, 2001, fifth grade students created a patriotic scene that celebrates the free spirit of America.  This project took two sessions.  We discussed the terrorist attack from 10 years ago and they were very moved by the events.  Some had seen news reports about the tragedy, others knew about it from their parents or teachers.  I showed them pictures from the internet of the World Trade Center buildings after they were struck by the planes.  Other pictures showed the rescue efforts of ordinary Americans, searching through rubble for survivors, with American flags draped over remains of buildings.  In session one, students used watercolor paint to add colorful fireworks to the sky.  They cut the ground from black construction paper and glued it to their paper.  In session two, they cut and assembled their flag.  Next, they cut it into sections and glued it onto their fireworks paper, barely staggering it in sections to create the illusion that the flag was waving.  I showed them how to create the outline of human figures onto black construction paper.  They cut them out and glued them to their papers.  Fantastic artwork!

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