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Word Art

September 7, 2011

Over the summer, I discovered  This site has endless possibilities!  For the beginning of the year, fifth grade students brainstormed words that described themselves.  They wrote them down on a sheet of paper.  With new students in our classes, it was the ideal way to break the ice, as kids learned a little more about one another.  After composing our lists, we went to the computer, logged onto the site and selected “create.”  We typed the name of the student 3x so the name would appear large on the paper.  Then we added the remaining words, typing them 1x each.   The site will scramble the words into different settings using a variety of colors and fonts.  Students chose their favorite and we printed them on a color printer.  They also worked on a small 4″ x 5″ sheet of manilla paper and created a mini self portrait.  We glued the two together for display.  Kids LOVED this activity.  So much fun.  Several came back the next week to tell me they had created their own “wordles” at home.  Success!

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