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The Alamo

January 18, 2012

Fourth grade students are learning about the Alamo in social studies so it was a great opportunity to sketch and paint their own version of the Alamo in art class.  Each student had a black and white picture of the Alamo.  They folded it in half and studied the contour lines of the building.  They were given a piece of white copy paper.  They folded it in half and sketched the half of the Alamo that they observed.  Students cut along the lines and when they opened up their folded paper, they had a “template” of the Alamo.  They placed their template on a piece of watercolor paper and traced around the edges.  Looking at the photo of the Alamo, they added doors, windows, columns, grass and trees.  The entire sketch was traced with black sharpie marker.  On day two, they used watercolor paint to add color to their sketch.  I emphasized painting with great care, allowing some sections to dry so their paint color would not run together.  These are just a few of the beautiful paintings.

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  1. February 23, 2012 8:21 pm

    i love the alamo rs.a

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