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Chalk Pastel Geometric Forms

April 8, 2012

Third grade teachers asked me to teach an art lesson incorporating geometric forms.  We watched 3D Shapes I Know on the youtube channel and observed examples of cones, cylinders, spheres and cubes.  Students used templates to trace a shape onto a piece of bright colored construction paper.  They chose two colors of chalk pastel to match their paper, a lighter and darker color.  They also used white chalk.  We pretended our light source was shining onto our table of forms from the left so their shapes reflect light hitting that side of their shapes.  We added white to the left of our shapes, the lighter color to the middle and the darker color on the right.  We discussed blending the chalk pastel, not smearing, using one fingertip at a time.  Students added chalk pastel color to the table top and to the background.  Black pastel was used to shade under each shape.

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