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Mondrian Names

November 3, 2013

Second graders learned about the artist Piet Mondrian who created a whole series of paintings using the primary colors of red, yellow and blue. We created name posters for our Mondrian project.


Day of the Dead

November 3, 2013

Third graders learned a ton of information about “Day of the Dead” from their Spanish class. We took that information and created some fantastic decorations for the popular Mexican holiday where people take time to remember those loved ones who have passed away.

Molas from Panama

November 3, 2013

4th grade students observed beautiful molas from the Kuna tribe of Panama by viewing videos found on youtube. They chose subjects from nature and drew them for the center of their molas. They surrounded the center picture with strips of colorful paper to resemble the bright colors of the original molas.


Van Gogh Sunflowers

November 3, 2013


Third graders used a variety of media to create sunflowers, experimenting with chalk, oil pastel and tempera paint. Here are some of their beautiful expressions.

New School Shoes

September 14, 2013

Most kids show up for school with brand new shoes. Today, shoes are a work of art. Take at look at your tennis shoes and you’ll be amazed at the patterns and designs woven into the shoe. Fourth graders were challenged to draw their shoes down to the last detail. They were surprised to find all types of line designs and patterns.


Pretty Peacocks

September 14, 2013

You Tube has fantastic videos of peacocks strutting their colorful feathers. Carver’s third grade students got a kick out of watching their quirky movements and then set to work creating these marvelous peacocks.


Optical Illusion

September 8, 2013

Fifth graders tackled this fun assignment. They drew a human figure inside of a box, trying to make it appear as if the figure was trapped. You will see arms and legs in different positions as if trying to escape. We played the theme song from “Mission Impossible” to set the stage for this lesson.

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